Buzz Cut at the Brewery; let’s fight cancer together!

I have bought your daughters Girl Scout Cookies for years, culminating in hours of workouts in the gym.  The donation to your son’s band camp trip was all in hopes he would become the next Neil Peart.  How could I possibly pass on your Christmas poinsettias but it’s the holidays so why not!

Needless to say but I have been very generous over the years so now it is my turn to ask for your generosity.

The headline for this blog post should read, Cancer Sucks!  This dreaded disease has sadly touched all of us in some way or form.  I truly hope we find a cure for cancer soon, or at the least, find a way to combat it with a healthier tide of antidotes.

This particular journey starts in February 2015, at a conference in Phoenix, AZ called SOLIDWORKS World.  Normally, I am on a plane ride back to Massachusetts the day after the event ends.  That year, I allowed myself an extra day to explore Phoenix.  Rather than Uber my way around the city, looking for craft breweries to visit, I chose to play in a charity golf event I was invited to for the Erica Leafquist Fund…and I am very glad I did!

Erica Leafquist was a vibrant, audacious, very artistic child who was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) when she was 4 years old.  She battled a tough 10-year fight but the disease had severely weakened her immune system and eventually took her life in 2013, but not her spirit.  Erica left a salient impression with all who met her, one that is celebrated and shared often.  Her fund supports the financial means and research to discover the drugs and therapies to improve ALL’s cure rate.

Conferences have come and gone but I have always found a way to be more charitable each year for the Erica Leafquist Fund.  I have also continued a friendship with Eric & Kathy, Erica’s parents, since that golf tourney in 2015, which offers me a bigger reason for this blog post.

Eric is an avid road bike rider and he knows I used to be.  In the summer of 2017, I made a commitment to ride in the 2018 Pan-Mass Challenge to raise money to fight cancer.  It has been a very long time since I have sat on a road bike for any amount of miles so this will certainly be a true test of my endurance.  On August 4th & 5th, I will be pedaling 163 miles on my recently purchased 2-wheel ride, from Wellesley, MA to Provincetown, MA.  A commitment to ride the 2-day portion costs each rider $4,900 along with additional fees.

This is where the fun starts for you.  On Saturday, July 21st at 5pm, I am having a fundraising event at Medusa Brewing in Hudson, MA.  The biggest donation to my GoFundMe page gets to take the first pass down the center of my skull with a buzz clipper!  You read that right; off with my hair!  Furthermore, the last time I had a haircut was in January.  Thank goodness for hair products!

All are welcome to attend to consume Medusa beer, eat Rail Trail Flatbread pizza, and watch my hair fall to the floor.  I am certain many that will read this would never pass on an opportunity like this one.  Ever been on the receiving end of my sarcasm?  If so, I dare you to take your best return shot with your wallet.  I will gladly reward your effort with a pair of buzz clippers.

No worries if you cannot attend the event.  I will encourage you to donate any amount that you deem worthy for my 163-mile bike ride.  Please donate to my GoFundMe page at my GoFundMe page at

If you need to make a tax-deductible donation, please donate at my PMC page, which is  All funds in my GoFundMe account will be transferred to my Pan-Mass account.

If you want to know more about Erica, as well as Dr. Silverman, Erica’s principal doctor at Dana Farber and is the medical director of the Erica Leafquist Fund, then please visit

You can learn more about the Pan-Mass Challenge at  They need volunteers too!

Click the link below for a complete gallery of pictures.  Feel free to use and share but please give proper credit to The Erica Leafquist Fund & The Pan-Mass Challenge.

Pics of Erica, Pan-Mass, Erica’s Suite at Fenway

Like what you read?  Feel free to comment at the very bottom or reach out to me at

You can also find my other posts and pics on Twitter @Edsonius

Thanks for reading and have a great day!



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Why am I here and what am I doing?

Why am I here?  Well, the purpose of this blog is to talk about the cool work related places I go to or to talk about the interesting subjects I come across that I want to explore more about.  Typically, this will be mechanical engineering subjects but it could also be a highlight of the projects I work on.  However, I can’t share all of them due to I.P.  No, I’m not referring to the acronym for finding the webhost site for your webcam.  I work with manufactures, research and development firms, and entrepreneurs.  Some of the latter can be very close to the vest with their baby or as most would call, their Intellectual Property.  However, when I can share, I will.

When I mentioned earlier the cool places I go to…one of those places is a yearly conference that’s usually located somewhere more warmer than here in New England.  The CAD software I primarily use is called SOLIDWORKS. Every year they have this very popular event called SOLIDWORKS World.  I’ve been attending this event since 2011 and look forward to going every year.  I also run a user group; the Connecticut SOLIDWORKS user group to be more direct or CONNSWUG.  This user group gives me access to the most interesting topics (work related wise) and some of the most interesting people I’ve ever met.  Both of these events are a must for me.  Nothing better than hanging out with like minded engineering types where I can only learn more.  That’s a win-win all day long!

I truly hope you get something out my blog just like I do with my user group, the conference I attend, and the people I meet.

Have a great day, talk soon!


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It’s about time!

Welcome to the first ever BLOG post for Digital Detail & Design, aka 3D!  I waffled for almost a year to get this site done.  The web guy I hired is very happy that I finally went public with the site too (‘cuz he gets his paid) but he’s a good guy and was very patient with me, sending regular emails, prompting me for attention, even when I was at my busiest moments.

As an independent contractor, I get busy and then I get very busy!  Very busy means I’m doing design stuff and business stuff; late nights are common during those moments.  I don’t have a secretary, I don’t have an office manager, I don’t even have an IT guy.  It’s all me but I’m looking to grow so someday I can have those people on my team, as well as a few designers, maybe even electrical engineer too.  Ahhh to dream.  Well, at least I’m having fun getting there and if I don’t ever achieve that dream, I can honestly say I did the best I could with the means I have.

So, as the days get shorter in sunlight and with Jack Frost doing more than nipping you on your nose, please follow along while I slip and slide my way thru projects, people, clients and the cool things I get to see and do.  I promise to spare you the boring details of invoicing at 1 in the morning expect to say fire up the coffee pot!

Do what you love, love what you do!



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